• Real Estate Investment
  • Retire to the sun
  • Relocation
  • Holiday Home
  • Taxation
  • Immigration
  • FinTech solutions
Welcome to I.P.I. SHOW – the hub of unique opportunities for your success in the field of the Real Estate & Immigration. We hold events in most promising locations with HUGE demand for properties abroad and immigration. STAY UP-TO-DATE with latest developments and secure your spot at our MUST-ATTEND event.

Every company in the industry chases buyers, we invite YOU to be the FIRST to meet THEM in their homeland!

I.P.I. SHOW is:

3+ continents
50+ exhibitors
1000-5000 visitors + millions of on-line audience
  • Keep an eye on your competitors' actions
  • Network with Agents & Associates
  • Dive into new cooperation
  • Discuss future of the industry with the officials
  • Foresee tomorrow’s trends
  • Share your experience
  • Meet new clients
  • Hold negotiations & close deals right during the SHOW
Vilnius Grand Resort


Expo Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv



Why exhibit?

• New clients & associates
• Boosting up sales & closing deals
• Launch a new product
• Increase your brand awareness
• Experience exchange
• Communication in person
• Networking
• Business expansion opportunities

Whom to exhibit?

• Construction companies
• Real estate agents
• Law firms
• Investors
Tax advisors
• Immigration advisors
• Relocation agencies
• FinTech companies

Yes, people google.
Yes, you do google ads.
Yes, you get leads.
But in Real Estate TRUST closes the deal, not Google. Gain TRUST from face-to face meetings with property buyers at I.P.I SHOW and win the lead!

GO with us BEYOND the exhibition, ABOVE the conference!
Organizer of the exhibition: The StoneWalls Expo UAB
Reg.no.: 306363214
Address: Vilnius, Ramybės g. 4-7